How We Add Value

One of the things that our customers consistently tell us that differentiates Metal Seal Precision from our competitors is the way we add real value to every project we undertake for them.   More specifically, there are at least seven ways we add value on your projects:


Craftsmanship + Technology

Anyone who’s been in the machining business for any length of time knows that it takes more than just equipment to make defect-free, precision metal components. At Metal Seal Precision, we combine old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to solve problems that many others feel are insurmountable.

Design-For-Manufacturability Support

Getting involved early in the design process often enables us to drive cost out of the proposed manufacturing process by suggesting design, material or process changes to make the components perform better, last longer, and easier to assemble. It is also not unusual that these changes often produce components that give your customers a competitive edge.

Single Source Responsibility

Metal Seal Precision can implement your projects from development to your dock giving you single source responsibility for the entire process. This makes your job easier by saving you time and money. It also means that if something does go wrong, there won’t be any of the finger-pointing that too often happens in this business.

Financial Stability

Metal Seal Precision is a financially stable company that has the resources to invest in your business. This means we can purchase the best equipment, stay on the leading edge of technology and hire & retain the best people. We’ll not only be there for you today… but tomorrow as well.

In-House Anodizing

Metal Seal Precision is one of the few North American precision machining companies that also provides customers with in-house anodizing. This gives you ultimate control over projects that require both precision machining and anodizing because we control the entire process from napkin to your dock.

In House Tooling & Prototyping

Our ability to provide customers with in-house tooling and prototyping means we can help them drive cost out of the product development and manufacturing process and get to market faster.

Line Transfers

We give our customers the ability to outsource entire production lines. This enables them to convert depreciable assets into revenue, convert fixed costs to variable costs and free up valuable floor space for more productive projects.
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