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The Metal Seal Family of Precision Machining companies consists of three companies and five plant locations. 

  • Metal Seal Precision, with three plants in northeast Ohio, is a world class manufacturer of precision metal components and sub-assemblies with 130 employees. The company is one of just a handful of machining companies in North America with extensive machining capabilities and  in-house anodizing.   
  • Pohlman, LLC, located in St. Louis, MO, is a high volume, precision machining company with 42 employees. The company specializes in precision metal components for high volume automotive applications.
  • RW Screw, LLC., with more than 230 employees,  is a highly diversified precision machining company located in Massillon, OH. The company is focused heavily on industrial precision machining projects with low to mid-volume volumes.

Come visit us. You’ll find that we are honest, fair and always operate with the highest integrity. We are a company that puts our customers’ goals ahead of our own, not for some altruistic reason, but because only by doing so will we achieve our own goals.

To learn more, call our President, John L. Habe, IV at 440NoSkype-255-8888.

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Metal Seal Precision, Ltd
8687 Tyler Blvd.
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440NoSkype-255-8888
Fax: 440NoSkype-255-8886

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